Body, Heart & Soul Three

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Body, Heart & Soul Three


Dates: Scheduled for 2025 (7 days)
Venue: Hof Oberlethe, Germany
Pricing: €820 + food & accommodation
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Please know that to participate in this workshop you need to have completed Body, Heart & Soul One.


Opening the doors of intimacy!

A 7-day immersion in sensual, erotic, heart and soul meetings to open into the full mystery in being intimate.

Where the first two Body, Heart & Soul workshops focus on liberating your sexuality from old conditioning and empowering you to celebrate the woman or man you are, the third workshop brings you to THE MEETING between you and another. Being Intimate invites and guides you into depths of sensual and sexual communion that may awaken you to a quality of body, heart and soul intimacy that may well be beyond anything you have ever experienced.

The journey is designed to bring you first into vibrantly sensitive awareness inside your own skin, and so in your full presence to engage with another or other people. The ways that you connect are guided so that whoever you are with – your one and only beloved or one or more partners that existence mysteriously presents – you are empowered, inspired, supported and carefully coached too! – into deeply touching meetings.

You find yourself catching, perhaps for the first time in your life, those moments or situations in which, often without knowing it, you close. The closing may be obvious or subtle. What matters is to be able to catch and be guided through your old self-protecting habits – for that is all that closing is – into an experience of potentially boundless intimacy. You find yourself opening beyond your conditioned limits as you come to trust yourself full-spectrum, from your empowered presence to your tender sensitivity and vulnerability. Your trust, and the courage that grows in you through the processes, the meditations, the circles with Alan and the lovely ambience of the workshop, all make it easy to dissolve old barriers and dive ever deeper into the mystery of Being Intimate. As always, Alan brings his personal talents, constant presence and sublime music to the experience, and designs these 7 days so that they can be a life-transforming influence on how you live the dances of intimacy that come your way in your life after the workshop is long over.


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