In general:

Our pricing is designed so that we can bring this work into the world. We put a lot of thought into the process and it is really important to us that no one is denied access to our workshops for financial reasons. So you can always get in touch if you need a discount to be able to participate. When approached with honesty and integrity, we always manage to figure out a solution that works for both sides.


In these times:

For many of us things may well get tougher, and finances tighter this coming autumn and winter. That only increases our longing for authentic and vibrant connection and our need to enrich in our inner resources.

That’s why we have created tiered pricing for our Art of Being Autumn Gathering with the hope you find a price that suits you. If not, just get in touch.

The supporter price helps us to offer a low income option. We hope as a supporter you will enjoy this model too! It would be really wonderful if we could make personal growth work available to more people in the future.