Will the workshop be guided by Alan?

All workshops sessions are generally led by Alan. Some morning meditations may be led by his Art of Being team. In the coming years Alan’s assistant teachers will guide processes where his personal presence is not important to the process.

I don't speak English. Will the workshop be translated into German?

All workshops in Germany and Switzerland are fully translated into German by Alan’s excellent translators who have trained with him and understand the subtleties in this work.

What can I expect in the workshop?

In every workshop you are guided into EXPERIENCES. They include small- and large-group processes; solo explorations (always guided by Alan); the dynamic Art of Being meditations with which each day begins; the circle work that provides the opportunity to engage personally with Alan; occasional 20-30 minute dance sessions; and you can expect the unexpected, since what happens is guided for Alan not only by his workshop repertoire, but by the here-and-now needs of the participants.

How many people will be in the group? Are your workshops gender balanced?

Art of Being workshops usually have between 25 and 50 participants. For workshops where gender balance matters we keep the number of men and women as equal as possible, with assistants from The Art of Being team stepping in when needed.

Does the workshop have a spiritual dimension?

Please read Alan’s short article that best answers this question. You can find it here.

Is the workshop space safe? Will my boundaries be respected?

Please be assured that your boundaries are sacred, and they will always be respected. Realising and learning to communicate your boundaries is actually an important aspect of Art of Being workshops.

What level of intimacy is expected between participants in your Tantra workshops? Do I have to get intimate with people I don’t choose? Do I have to take my clothes off?

It’s entirely up to you how close contact with others you choose. You will always be invited to find your own way, and sense for yourself how far you want to open up, what feels good and right for you. Your personal boundaries will always be respected.

I’ve done a lot of / no Tantra before. Are the sexuality / Tantra workshops suitable for me?

It depends on the workshop. Body, Heart & Soul One is really for everybody. Since its origin back in 1986 (and from which it has continuously evolved) it has been significant and valuable for everyone – regardless of previous Tantric experience – who is seeking something richer, deeper, healthier and wiser than was offered by the sexual climate and attitudes in which they were brought up. Body, Heart & Soul parts 2, 3 and 4 are only open to people who have completed Body, Heart & Soul One. The only other Tantric workshop is Mystical Tantra. While this is not for beginners, it is appropriate for everyone who comes with an openness to participating in an experience involving sensual and possibly erotic processes.

Can I come with my partner? / I'm single, can I come without a partner?

All workshops are suitable for both singles and couples. Even Love, Sex & Shadows, the workshop specifically for couples, is open to singles who come with a friend who wishes to partner them for the duration of the workshop.

I am dealing with the death (or imminent death) of a partner / close relative / dear friend. Will The Universal Experience workshops help me or would it be too much of a challenge?

The workshop is immensely valuable if you are dealing directly with death and dying. It has been a life-transforming experience for countless people over the past 30 years, including hospice workers, and even people dealing with their own terminal conditions.

I'm not sure if I'm ready for the workshop / I'm afraid. Should I come?

Come because you ask the question. Learning to befriend your fears is one of the treasures offered by every Art of Being workshop. As for being ready, nobody ever really is. Better to trust your wish to come, especially if you tend to talk yourself out of experiences that address your deep longings.

Can I come to Body, Heart & Soul 2, 3 or 4 without having completed Body, Heart & Soul One?

In order to participate in Body, Heart & Soul 2, 3 or 4 you must always first complete Body, Heart & Soul One. Even people with Tantric experience find unexpected realisations and liberating discoveries in this first 7-day workshop of the Body, Heart & Soul quartet.

Can I join the workshop 1 or 2 days later?

Beginning where you are, an Art of Being workshop takes you progressively deeper and deeper into experiences designed to bring you where you are longing to be in yourself and your life. It is therefore essential that you are present from the very beginning of the workshop and all the way through to its close.

What is the workshop time frame?

The daily schedule is usually as follows:
8 – 9am morning meditation
9 -10.30am breakfast
10.30am – 1pm morning session
1 – 3pm lunch break
3 – 6.30pm afternoon session (with 30-min tea break)
6.30 – 8.15pm dinner break
8 – 9.30pm evening session.

What is the cost of food & accommodation?

This depends on the particular seminar house and room category. Please contact the seminar house or check out their website.

I have a special diet. Can you arrange special meals for me?

Special dietary needs are dealt with by the seminar house hosting the workshop.