Would you like to accompany a workshop as part of the assistant team?

As assistants you take on a supporting role in the workshop. This means that, if necessary, you also take part in the processes as participants, eg. to balance numbers. Sometimes it is important to have assistants in small groups because they have a lot of experience. This can help participants understand how they can best use the processes for themselves. Our assistants also help to keep an eye on the needs of the group and the individual participants. For example, if you notice that someone is having particular difficulties, you discuss this with the facilitator team to see how we can best support that person.

The assistants also take on practical tasks. For example, you help us to ensure a pleasant room climate (ventilation and heating) and with rearranging the room.

Assisting can be a very fulfilling experience – especially if you regularly have sharings with your peers. This always creates a special bond within the assistant team. As assistants you take on an important role within the workshop, which requires your sensitivity, authenticity and ability to be there for others.


Requirements to assist

You can assist in workshops in which you have previously participated yourself. Normally we also require your participation in one of our trainings. However, if you have already participated in several Art of Being® workshops and feel connected to our work and to us as a team, you are welcome to apply. We always decide on an individual basis if it is right for you. Natually, we also like to ensure that there is good compatibility within the team. Occasionally we may recommend that someone have more participation experience before assisting. So please contact us if you are interested in assisting! If we accept you, we will let you know at which workshop you might assist. You can also contact us about assisting at a specific workshop.

There is no workshop fee for assistants.

You pay for your own food and accommodation at the seminar house.


A small practicality

If we haven’t seen you for a while it would help us a lot if you could tell us a little bit more about the workshops and trainings you have attended. A small photo can also be a helpful  reminder for us.