Breathe out and let yourself be!

Even as you listen to this 2-minute podcast of Alan talking to people in his relationship workshop today (May 19), you can begin to enhance your whole life with this simple, natural practice. All you have to do is remember to breathe out!

Tantra and those fears that run our lives

About journey from fears to celebration of our whole being.

If you want to know what meditation is don’t scratch the itch

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed talking to participants in one of my workshops. It’s about how I discovered the magic of meditation in my years as a disciple of the Indian mystic master, Osho Rajneesh, and why you have to choose not to scratch the itch if you really want to experience the state of boundless presence that meditation is all about.

Never mind the soaps, you are NOT your personality!

In this short talk, Alan Lowen nails the personal and social delusion that runs our world. He has more to say about it in his Autumn 2016 newsletter.

Don’t be dead scared! Be alive scared!

A short workshop talk from Alan about fear and desire, in which he offers a very simple way to be with your scary experiences.

LIFE, LOVE, THE MYSTERY and SOAP OPERAS: What it’s all about!

I gave this short talk at the end of the Body, Heart & Soul Training in Czech Republic last November. Listening to it recently, it says so much that matters about life, love, the present moment and the mystery of eternity that I spent some time cutting out all the Czech translation and cleaning it up to make it easy to listen to in English. It does come back to earth at the end!

Hurting people close to you, a lesson on friendship and intimate relationship (from The Art of Being Training Sep 2014)

The magic in the first and last thing you will ever do in this life

The importance of being generous

Who celebrated your sexual awakening?

Why women bond so much easier than men

Resisting beautiful medicine

Friends, I gave this talk on the second morning of this Easter’s Body, Heart & Soul 1 workshop in Switzerland. It has important things to say about the resistance that can be such a self-sabotaging force for a few people in the early stages of a workshop, even one that is essentially an invitation into the experience of sensual and erotic ecstasy.
And here, just for balance, is what one woman – whose work commitments did not allow her to stay the whole week – wrote to me after leaving at the end of the 4th day: “Standing in the goodbye circle I felt more alive, more whole, more sensual, more feminine and more free than I ever did before. Something profound has changed…” Simone (Switzerland)

You don’t have to live in a box

So what is The Art of Being?

Your celebration, your devotion, your secret! In 38 years, this is the closest I have ever come to saying what The Art of Being really is, because in the end it cannot be captured with words. You have to discover it in yourself!

Body, Heart & Soul: the essential experience