About The Art of Being® Training:

“I have found the Art of Being training to have created some of the deepest, and most profound change in my relationship with myself. It has taught me how to be able to become comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings I experience, which has allowed me to enjoy life more fully. Being witnessed in my pain during the circle work, and witnessing other people’s process has been incredibly healing for me. I thank Alan, his staff, and everyone in my group for the richness, friendship, love and acceptance I have experienced on the training. Life-changing is the only way I can describe it.”

“I’ve learned so much during the training! I‘m listening much more to my heart now, instead of trying to solve everything by logical thinking. And I feel much more free and stronger than before… I am now much closer to myself, authentic in almost all situations… I‘ve experienced myself and life in a complete new light of vulnerability, trust, honesty and love.”

Frank Walter from Rheinau
“After the death of my dear wife of many years, my life was completely turned upside down. I was depressed, listless and had more construction sites in my life than possible options. The ‘Universal Experience’ brought me back to life. And the subsequent training, with its many loving processes, the group work, Alan’s empathetic way and much more, transformed my construction sites into solutions. I have taken many of these processes deep into my heart, which make me warm and radiant. It changed me and my life in a wonderful way for which I will always be grateful to Alan. The special thing is that Alan’s words and processes have a far greater and above all a longer effect than one first suspects. All that I was allowed to experience still has its effect today – and will continue to do so from now on. Again and again I notice changes in myself and my life, the roots of which lie in the Art of Being. The countless encounters in the group, meetings also outside of the training, and dear friendships, have all brought me a great enrichment.”

“Through the processes in the training and getting involved in the group, I was able to work on a recurring theme in my life. I always wanted to be seen, have my place and be accepted, especially by men (who seemed very patriarchal to me/father). At some point a change happened in me and I was able to let go of the struggle I was always having. I realised that I had always put myself above the supposedly dominant men and thus could not come into equal contact. With my own coming down and being able to be on an equal level, I no longer have an impulse/need to do anything, only to let the other person be. This leaves me feeling much more relaxed and free in myself.”

Anonymous participant
“For me, the Art of Being training is above all a space in which personal encounters take on a very special quality. Through the reflections of the participants and the work that Alan offers, I can experience myself in the complexity of my personality and come into contact with levels within myself that lie behind the protective walls with which I usually go through life. I love this space where emotions are allowed to flow freely and where, supported by exercises and in the grinding machine of the group process, I come into ever deeper contact with my core. And this opening often happens by showing up with my difficult and painful issues, being seen and held. For me, it is a space where the compassion and empathy of the participants and the team carry me through these processes – a mixture of safety, trust and challenges. I have been confronted with my shadows, my qualities, my love, my power, my longing and my fear through feedback and contact with people from the group that I did not know before.

Participating in the training with my partner was a special challenge because we also encountered each other differently in the field of the group. In one sequence we showed ourselves in front of the group with our relationship issues. For me, it was a healing process to overcome my shame of being seen like this, and it brought me into deeper contact with what had caused us difficulties in our relationship, but also with what connected us.

I am very grateful for this work, for the intensity in this protected space. And last but not least, at the end of each workshop I am grateful – for the laughter together, the cuddling, the crying, the dancing, the aliveness, the being allowed to be like this and the possibility we have to meet ourselves in each other.”

“The Art of Being seminars have shown me that I can take myself seriously. To stand by myself, even if it doesn’t correspond to the norm. This enables me to be more authentic, clearer – and to be seen and perceived. I am able to keep my composure even in the face of adversity. I can say NO – that was always very difficult for me. In the group I have learned to take care of myself without neglecting the group. That helps me a lot in my job.”