The Universal Experience

An intimate encounter with your own death
1 - 3 April 2022

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Body, Heart & Soul One

14 - 21 April 2022

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The Art of Being Training

NOV 2021 - SEP 2023

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Dear friends,

We’re so happy to be offering groups again! We had 6 workshops after a long break, and we’re very touched how deeply you are opening in this new ambience. To make all this possible in the weeks and months to come, we are continuously updating our approach to Covid so that we can look after these two main aspects:

We want to offer you face-to-face workshops where you can feel at ease in your encounters and really enjoy each other’s company freely without needing to socially distance or use masks. At the same time – and this is just as important to us – we want to continue to keep the risk of Covid infection as low as possible for all of us.

This winter, you can participate in our workshops if you are either fully vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid. In either case we ask you to come with an up-to-date negative PCR test result and to use the rapid tests provided by us every morning as an additional tool. You will find all the details in our FAQs.

We are looking forward to a festive New Year’s celebration with you at Glarisegg Castle – and many great workshops next year!

You are welcome to contact Christiane regarding any queries, interest or to register for our workshops:

With love,
Alan, Christiane, Maria and Susann

Art of Being Experiences


Alan’s workshops bring you the awakenings, self-reconciliation and trust that free you to live happily, creatively and fully connected with your real being.
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When you find that this is what you have been looking for, The Art of Being Training offers you a long, transforming relationship with yourself and life.
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Held always where the sun shines and nature dances, a week long Art of Being transformational vacation is an experience that will live in you for ever.
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