Now this is the time to really befriend yourself!

Alan reminds you of the very simple practice that looks after your sense of well-being throughout this challenging time.

THE MOVIE: Alan Lowen and his way of being with people (43 mins)

If you’ve never experienced Alan Lowen personally and are curious, or you’ve attended his workshops and would like to spend 43 minutes savouring the experience again, sit back, relax and let this beautiful movie carry you on a journey into the mystery of BEING.

Alan Lowen and his way of being with people: movie trailer

About Body, Heart & Soul®

Body, Heart & Soul® is a series of Tantric sexuality workshops created and led by Alan Lowen, founder of The Art of Being®. The healing, liberating and life-transforming qualities of Body, Heart & Soul 1 are captured in Martin Vrabko’s excellent video.