The Art of Being® is a remarkably human path of personal and spiritual growth. Touching, passionate, humorous, and celebrative, it is potent in its power to transform and awaken! It calls you into the present and teaches you how to keep being here when old habits would shut you down or impair your wholeness and your intimate connection with life happening here and now.

Art of Being workshops and courses cut through the intellectual and verbal layers of knowledge and information to the sensing-feeling depths where you can learn to truly befriend and appreciate the totality of your being. They enable you to heal the wounds that keep you limited, open to all your inner resources, celebrate your nature as a sensual man or woman, find fulfillment in your friendships and intimate relationships, and live in an ever-deepening communion with the spiritual dimension of existence. They nurture consciousness, compassion, grace and beauty in the way you live your life.

About Alan Lowen

Alan Lowen, founder of The Art of Being®, is one of the world’s premier guides for people who want to learn to integrate and celebrate all aspects of their personal life and being. For over 40 years he has been presenting experiential workshops and long trainings that address the essential personal themes of people’s real lives. He studied psychology at London and Oxford universities. His personal mentors include Dr. Carl Rogers, one of the founding fathers of the human potential movement, and the mystic, Osho Rajneesh, with whom he spent 8 transforming years. In the late 80’s he founded The Art of Being® as a path of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Now, in his late 70s, Alan mostly presents workshops and courses in Europe. He can be viewed on the UK’s where he talks about his life, his work and his forthcoming book. He has published many articles and podcasts available on this website. Don’t miss the new movie, Alan Lowen and his way of being with people (43 mins, see below).

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"Alan Lowen and his way of being with people"
(43 mins)

What participants have to say:

The Body, Heart & Soul Training
(Now The Art of Being Training,
Option 2)

"Over the 2 years I made friends with myself, honestly seeing my weaknesses and strength, making peace with them and learning to love myself. I finally overcame patterns and beliefs that stopped me from being happy. Alan's work helped me to tap into the unlimited potential that lies in my life and open up to those I love and the things I care about..."

Asti, Switzerland

Body, Heart & Soul One

"Since doing Body, Heart & Soul One I am getting feedback from many people that my look has changed and that they perceive me differently. I did not imagine that the inner change is so visible on the outside. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make such transforming experiences."

Marion, Italy

The Universal Experience

"Now I feel able to meet and greet my former attachments to old beliefs and dull fears with a soft smile - and then release them. More naturally than ever, I’m now able to trust into my intuition, get in touch with my true needs, and focus on what really matters in my life. And also can I get in touch with the people around me in a more truthful and present way than ever before."

Ralf, Germany

Mystical Tantra

"Mystical Tantra let me fly high without losing the ground. It was a dance of bliss, touching the deepest longings of my heart and at the same time letting me dissolve into infinity. The highest peaks were moments of eternal stillness. In returning, I found my gratitude for the beauty of our earth with its imperfections and all that is alive."

Spersa, Germany