The 1st Circle

16 – 21 October 2023
Hof Oberlethe, Germany

The 1st Circle of the Art of Being® Training
Complete in itself and open
to everyone!

Your personality is no more who you really are than are the clothes you wear. The 1st Circle gives you the experiential foundation to make a quantum leap from personality-based existence into what has rightly been called “the miracle of being”. Complete in itself, this 6-day workshop also gives you the opportunity to see if you would like to continue into the 2nd Circle of the Art of Being Training.

The Art of Being® Training

October 2023 – September 2025
Hof Oberlethe, Germany

For two years we are together on an intensive journey of self-realisation. In deep encounters, group processes and intimate sharings we discover what powerful resources we are for each other’s personal growth. It is an exciting time! We become an Art of Being family that nurtures, supports and celebrates every member. We are each others’ mirrors too, inviting deepening authenticity in and among us all. Every session is a space to try yourself out, to open to more of your inner life and to make a real and lasting home within yourself.

The 1st Circle gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the training. Then you can decide if you want to join.