It’s Circle Time!

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It’s Circle Time!

Seven days of exploring, feeling and transforming

Dates: 9-16 September 2021 (starts Thu 10.30 am, ends Thu 2 pm, 7 days)
Venue: Hof Oberlethe, Germany
Pricing: €590 + food & accommodation
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Notes: You’ll find details on our current Covid approach in our FAQs

We are confident that this workshop will take place. However, we continue accepting registrations without deposits and waiving all cancellations fees. This gives you the freedom to decide at fairly short notice whether to take up your reserved place.


Those who of you who have been to our workshops before know how much depth, energy and intensity Alan’s circle work can unleash among participants. In most of our seminars, however, there is too little time for this unique work. Because it is so strong and dynamic, many of you find yourselves wishing your workshop included more circle time, but up to now we have only had space for it in our long trainings. That is something we want to change.

Perhaps you come to the circle knowing exactly the issues you want to bring to Alan and the group. Perhaps you are simply curious. Or maybe you are longing for authentic, heart-opening encounters and a sense of community. The great thing is that you don’t have to know at all what brings you here or what it is you need. Our being together with each other and with Alan creates a vibrant field of connections in which we are touched and moved by what happens in the circle. Someone expresses themself, the group interacts – and for you this triggers something – until it becomes completely clear what you came for.

It happens in the circle that Alan spontaneously creates processes tailored to this very moment, to this group, to you. And what processes they are! If you have ever experienced them you will understand the heights and depths we live through as a group. It is a profound, shared journey that leaves no one untouched.

For those who are familiar with the circle, there is no need to say any more. You can feel whether it is time for you to be part of it.

And if, to you, this all still sounds really mysterious, here is an attempt to describe what awaits you:


What does circle work look like?

Alan’s circle is a deeply personal, interactive space.

Our mutual agreement to keep being present in the circle supports and enables us to explore all that we need to explore, within ourselves and with each other. Here everything can be opened up – our desires and longings, our joys and sorrows, the burdens we’ve carried too long, the inspirations that only need our courage to be realised, the habits that just don’t serve us.

Other people’s explorations are likely to touch us in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it turns out that we are the one who can open a door for them. Or they may connect us with feelings we have been brought up to reject or fear in ourselves, or bring up unconscious stuff from our psyches. So what happens in the circle may bring us fully into our personal power, fill us with delight and at times lead us into our own vulnerability or discomfort. It is here that the healing and transforming magic happens!

How you participate is always up to you. You are allowed! To feel. To speak. To play. To be quiet. To express yourself. To be afraid. To be bold. To interact and experiment.

Until it happens, Alan does not know when and how he may work with you and the circle. Decades of experience have given him a rich repertoire of resources and he often spontaneously creates explorations and processes for people. At other times he lets the circle work its magic, not intervening in what is going on if he perceives that this serves you on a deeper level. There is no saying where the journey will go, but it most likely will be a very adventurous one. Learning to trust your experience in the circle can make it a powerful catalyst for your growth.

As always, Alan gives you his whole-hearted presence in being there and making available his extraordinary ways of working with you.




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