The Body, Heart & Soul® Course

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The Body, Heart & Soul® Course

The Art of Being® cycle of workshops on sexual loving, intimate relating and the essence of Tantra.

Body, Heart & Soul® is a 28-day course divided into 4 residential 7-day workshops. It is a journey of reconciliation with your sexual nature, a way to heal sexual wounds and learn to honour what many of us have been taught to devalue, a way to become the lover you love being, and to integrate your sex, feelings, heart and soul.

Body, Heart & Soul One (BHS1) April 10-16, 2020,  Waldhaus Zentrum, Switzerland, and October 9-16, 2020, Haus Ebersberg, Germany

Body, Heart & Soul One guides you into restoring and celebrating full connection with your sexuality. After this foundation workshop you are welcome to participate in any or all of the 3 deep Body, Heart & Soul workshops now available to you (listed below), and you may also join option 2 of the 2-year Art of Being Training.

Body, Heart & Soul Ecstasy (BHS2)  June 25 – July 2, 2021,  Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

Body, Heart & Soul Intimacy (BHS3) May 13-20, 2022, Hof Oberlethe, Germany

Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra (BHS4) February 12-19, 2023, Hof Oberlethe, Germany


All the Body, Heart & Soul® workshops are complete in themselves.

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Sex promises so much! It’s not surprising that we want all it has to offer to our love lives, and it is only too normal that in our longing to fulfil the promise we can expend so much energy looking in the wrong place! What we are longing for isn’t to be found in sex itself.

If you want sex to be all that it can really be, you have to open into your feelings and your heart and your being and your soul. The way I see it, sex is only a vehicle into something amazing, because the ultimate amazing is the infinite.


The workshops may include:

* bodywork, breathing and energy processes
* communicating – verbally, physically and through all the senses
* initiation rituals of sexual awakening
* Tantric rituals
* trance dance, dynamic movement, fun dance!
* various forms of creative expression
* a variety of meditations integrating body, feelings, heart, mind and spirit
* many opportunities to share openly and intimately
* new processes, explorations and meditations as they evolve
* anything that serves to promote the full aliveness of your body, feelings, energy and awareness



The Body, Heart and Soul® of Sexual Loving

Sex is one of the most powerful forces in the human psyche. It is also one of the least honoured. Most of us do not fully celebrate all the gifts of our male-female nature, and rarely do we have the opportunity to discover the boundless richness of sexual loving that expresses not only our sensual and erotic passion, but that awakens us to the mysterious language of our heart and soul. To come fully into being through the path of sexuality is to experience the real meaning of Tantra. It brings exquisite beauty and fulfilment to our love-making and if we dare to surrender completely opens the spiritual door. In the ecstatic present we meet eternity.

body When we are at one with our nature, we honour and care for our body because it is the way we have been given to celebrate life. We breathe, we move, we sense, we feel. Our sexual feelings are connected with all the other feelings moving in us; happy, sad, excited, afraid even, nothing is disregarded or judged or rejected. Through our feelings, senses and sensitivities we fully experience life happening now. From moment to moment we get all the information we need. In intimacy for example, we see what we wish for and what we don’t want; our boundaries are clear to us so we are free to play with our chosen partner with trust and confidence; and we can really play, because in our natural state we are not afraid of our feelings, sexual or otherwise.

heart Accepting ourselves we are available to share ourselves intimately with another. Body, Heart & Soul® restores the connection between sex and heart; it integrates our feelings of desire with our love for both our partner and our own being. This integration brings with it a valuing of sex as a gift to be honoured and respected as well as celebrated. We become in our intimate relating more graceful and more gracious. We can truly love and be loved, and in the loving our inner child is as much cared for as our manhood and womanhood, by ourselves and each other.

soul Sex can be a sweet pleasure that we choose to share with someone. It can be the joyous and tender expression of our love for our partner. And it can also be a way to open inner doors that invite us beyond ourselves. Sexual arousal and loving-making can become rituals that serve to expand consciousness and invite spiritual awakening. This is where Body, Heart & Soul® meets Tantra by guiding you in meditations that take sexual loving into the spiritual dimension. With the discovery that “I am not the end of the story, nor the beginning”, a greater reality illuminates our being and inspires our life. Call it God, or spirit, soul, the infinite source… what matters is not the name but the experience of the spiritual dimension, for it transforms entirely our way of relating with everything we can ever meet in life.


The Art of Being a Man or Woman

If we wish to live the full gift of our human potential as men and women, we have to be at home with our sexual nature. But living in a culture where sex is both exploited and repressed, and sometimes growing up learning that sex is something to fear, we lose touch with our nature. Accepting uour sexual nature is about far more than simply being free to enjoy sex. We deserve this; but we deserve the greater gifts too.

When it is lived with appreciation and trust, your sexual nature becomes a path of awakening, a journey into your human wholeness and spiritual awareness. Your body leads you to your feelings, your feelings lead you to your heart, your heart leads you to your soul. At home with yourself as man or woman it is not only the way you experience intimacy that changes. Your harmony with yourself enhances all your relating with others. People tend to feel good in your company. The way you move through the world is transformed because you are in touch with all your resources of sensing, feeling, intuition and awareness. Your love for your own nature extends to all of life’s nature; you find yourself caring for whatever is beautiful in life. This is the art of being.

Alan Lowen©


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