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The Art of Being® Training

Led by Alan Lowen and Team

Dates: Training begins with The 1st Circle in October 2023 and ends in September 2025
Venue: Hof OberletheGermany
Format: 5 x 6-day modules (30 workshop days), dates: see bottom of page
Pricing: €675 + €2700 = €3375 whole training (five modules)
1. module + remaining amount (four modules) = total sum


Expanded Training
If you would like to integrate sexuality-based modules into your training, you’ll find all the information you need at the bottom of this page!


The 1st Circle
Open to everyone
16 – 21 October 2023

YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY: who serves whom?

Whenever you are one with your whole being – with your body, energies, senses, feelings, heart, intelligence and soul – your life becomes a deep celebration of BEING PRESENT. It is a full-spectrum celebration that encompasses your wild playfulness and your wise stillness, and allows you to be tender and vulnerable as well as passionate and powerful. It is a state in which qualities like trust, creativity, courage and empathy come naturally to you. It is how you are when you are not watered down or limited by the demands of your personality!

The 1st Circle of The Art of Being Training guides you through processes, meditations, and interactions with other participants that bring you profound realisations about your personality and the ways that it governs, and frequently limits you in your life. At the same time, the essential and much-loved qualities of the Art of Being circle are doing their work of personal healing and transformation, and building too a precious bonding among the members of the Training. You find a growing freedom to experience all aspects of your inner world and to make friends with feelings that you have habitually shunned and may not even know were working in you. You find yourself establishing a valuable connection with your senses, sensitivities and the sometimes surprising wisdom of your intuitive intelligence. The warm and often humorous sharing sessions build the group’s trust to open in ways that carry everyone more deeply into themselves. It is all designed so that you can begin to rediscover and reclaim the magical being that the costumes of personality keep hidden from you, and so that you can dissolve those personality traits that do not serve you.

Your personality is after all a mix of your natural talents and resources on the one hand, and the way your upbringing shaped you – feeding you personal, social and religious beliefs that often inform you who you are supposed to be. If your family and childhood experiences were less than ideal, your personal beliefs are often self-sabotaging: “I don’t deserve … I’m not good enough … I’m better than … I don’t belong …”

So depending on how nurtured you were as you grew up, your personality may be self-supporting or self-sabotaging. It may give you a realistic, rose-coloured or judgemental perspective on life. It may give you a permissive or a controlling attitude. It may uplift you or make you depressive. It may require you to be flamboyant or to make sure nobody ever notices you. It may turn you into a power-monger or a victim. It may put you on the road to fame and fortune, or drive you to drink and drugs. Or both.

Whatever your personality is like, the essential fact is that it runs the show of your life until the day you realise that this is not who you really are. Personality is just the costume or costumes that YOU wear! To discover this is to embark on a life-transforming adventure into your REAL life story, in which your personality can play its most valuable role as the servant rather than the master of your being.


The 2nd Circle
8 – 13 April 2024

What an inspiring surprise! – to meet yourself real and awake as never before.

The 1st Circle laid the foundation for you to now make a life-changing quantum leap out of all the disguises of your personality and conditioning into transparent presence. The 2nd Circle brings you to the mother lode of the entire training. In these six days, the four-decade evolution of The Art of Being is distilled down to its essence, giving you an experience that invites, persuades, encourages and provokes you to surrender to your authentic being. It is a surrender through which you become one with all that you are, and gain insight into the meaning and purpose of your presence in existence. Rather than living according to your conditioning, you are at home in yourself and suddenly aware of YOUR way. As YOU appear, you become visible to everyone. In your realness you find your intrinsic beauty and worth; it is a discovery that transforms entirely your interactions with other people and indeed, with existence itself.

This unique Art of Being experience, and the carefully structured sequence of small group explorations that precede and reinforce it, are made possible because of the bonding that by now gives everyone a sense of being at home in the circle. The fact that all the people here with you have now committed to the full training creates a mutually supportive and adventurous Art of Being family-community in which everyone can feel included and safe. The profound and transforming realisations of The 2nd Circle awaken you to experiences of yourself that are liberating, healing, exciting and as enriching as they are sometimes challenging. Throughout, you have the guidance and support you need to continue opening to your feelings and befriending and healing old wounds.

The self-discoveries that come to you are commonly of a magnitude that can change in many beneficial ways your everyday life. They will surely inspire you to unearth more of your hidden magic. To support you in doing so, you are also given homework assignments that consolidate and help you to keep living all that you experienced these days. They also give you good reason to come together for one or even two weekends with other participants before The 3rd Circle. And of course there is the Together e-group where you can always find connection with everyone in the circle, whether it is to write your own messages or just quietly read what others are sharing.


The 3rd Circle
14 – 19 October 2024


The market place is a metaphor for all the buzzing activity going on around us when life gets busy. In the hubbub it is easy for us to lose touch with ourselves. We may get caught up in other people’s dramas or be pushed and pulled by those we knowingly or unwittingly create ourselves. Sometimes it seems that life simply decides to test us – to see, for example, if we are really as kind, loving and generous as we believe we are, or wish to be; or if we can still be open and present when somebody upsets us or life sends us on a hair-raising rollercoaster trip.

This 3rd Circle is a fusion of intensive circle work with Alan that gives you the opportunity to explore deeply personal issues, and equally intensive periods of silent meditation while the market is in full swing around you. These sessions give you the immensely valuable practice of sitting in meditation whilst being highly involved in your own and other people’s passions.

There are so many ways to meditate, and what they all have in common is meditation’s very essence – the practice of being with what is. Whether you are watching your breath, gazing into a candle flame, holding a yoga posture, dancing into trance, making love, or drinking a cup of tea, you are in meditation when your whole being is awake and at one with all that is happening, with no intention or agenda – when you are blissfully present in all that you are and to all that is; as the mystic Osho would have put it, in your being flying on the wings of love and awareness. Those two qualities are always alive in us when we are fully present. When we find this, it is as easy as breathing. Too often though, we struggle or flounder, or lose ourselves in the market place.

Your meditation sessions during the 3rd Circle are uniquely designed to touch your desires, your longing, your heart, your fears, and the full spectrum of your feelings whilst you sit silently in touch with all that is happening in you. They enable you to discover and practise open-hearted, soul-conscious presence. They give you the keys to keeping your balance no matter how turbulent the world around you, without in any way shutting down any of the precious resources of your inner being, so that you can keep yourself inspired and in love with life.


The 4th Circle
7 – 12 April 2025

“All the world’s a stage” Shakespeare

Your instinct belongs to nature. Lose your connection with it and you no longer sense the wonder of nature or the magic within your own skin. Your desire can teach you trust, courage and acceptance: pursuing the things you want, you also meet your fears and if you’re lucky you don’t always get what you want. Your power gives you physical and psychological energy to go your journey in life. Your heart is your entrance into your humanity; it gives you love, and it gives you the longing that yearns to discover the great mystery it senses within and beyond nature. Your being is you constantly awakening from moment to moment into all that IS HERE NOW, including all the resources of your nature, heart and soul. Your soul – that you one day discover in really being present – is the bridge that connects you with the mystery; it gives you your mystic sense and expresses itself in your intuitive awareness. And the mystery, belonging to the infinite eternal, is the oneness that the heart longs for and the mind cannot grasp. All these together constitute the chakras. To live to your full potential is to be awake and at home in all of them, from instinct to the infinite.

The 4th Circle invites just this, in the special morning meditations that regenerate your primal, instinctual connection with nature; in rituals such as the voluntary sweat lodge and fire ceremonies that call you to claim and celebrate all that you are; in the Leela Plays that draw out your creativity, your courage, your trust and your surrender; and in the mystic sessions that invoke soul-presence and reconciliation with the mystery of life-and-death.

The Dance of Life is life played with your total presence, consciousness and love, and this is the essence of this final circle. Celebration is both inner and outer – silently present in the morning meditations and the soul sessions, and exuberantly present in the Leela Plays, the singing at the fire ceremonies, the dancing and the sensual play among the men and women who, having gone through the four circles with each other, have by now found within themselves gifts they love to share with each other.

It is the fusion of the inner and outer in your whole being that you carry from these days into your life. The homework assignments between now and the final Graduation session help you to establish your personal, integrated art of BEING in your day-to-day life.


The 5th Circle
15 – 20 September 2025

“Being, where the end is the beginning too.” Alan

The processes and meditations, the open circles with Alan, the ceremonies and celebrations of The 5th Circle are all to serve and to honour the one you love being. They invite you to make personal agreements with yourself that will keep you flourishing in your life. They offer you resources that can look after you when the training is over, bring you back home when you lose your way, and keep you creatively devoted to living your own art of being with love, presence and soul.

And this final session is for completing your 23-month odyssey with your fellow-adventurers. Many you have grown to appreciate, some to really love, and perhaps there are a few who reflect to you what you are still unwilling to accept in yourself and so in them. These 6 days are your final opportunity in this rich circle to reconcile, heal, forgive, befriend and let go. Your graduation is in any case a time of letting go and saying goodbye, a theme too important to overlook, and one that brings its own learning and healing.



Expanded Training

The Art of Being® Training is a time for self-exploration and adventure which is why many participants decide to integrate the Body, Heart & Soul modules into their training time. It’s a beautiful opportunity to explore, befriend and learn to celebrate your sensual-sexual nature! Since these workshops are open to everyone you will share your journey with new people as well as familiar faces – that is: people from your training.

Watch Alan’s 2-minute Body, Heart & Soul®  video.

This option is now even more flexible than it used to be. It means that during your training you can book any of the Body, Heart & Soul modules in any order you wish. The only condition is that you have completed Body, Heart & Soul One.


The Art of Being® Training



Expanded Training

You can integrate the Body, Heart & Soul modules into your training in whatever way suits you best. Here are three examples

Example A



Example B



Example C



There are many more possibilities and you don’t have to decide before the training which Body, Heart & Soul modules you want to book. The choice of BHS workshops is completely up to you. Since the modules are so popular, we have decided to make more dates available.


OVERVIEW OF DATES – Body, Heart & Soul

All Body, Heart & Soul modules are 7-day workshops held either at Hof Oberlethe, Germany or Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland. Starting time is always 8.30 pm and we end at 2 pm after lunch on the last day.

Body, Heart & Soul One (BHS1)
29 September – 6 October 2023
29 March – 4 April 2024

Body, Heart & Soul Ecstasy (BHS2)
Scheduled for 2025

Body, Heart & Soul Intimacy (BHS3) 
Scheduled for 2025

Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra (BHS4)
14 – 21 June 2024


OVERVIEW OF DATES – The Five Circles

All Circles are 6-day workshops held at Hof Oberlethe, Germany. Starting time is always Monday, 10.30 am and we end at 2 pm after lunch on the Saturday.

The Art of Being®-Training

The 1st Circle: 16 – 21 October 2023

The 2nd Circle: 8 – 13 April 2024

The 3rd Circle: 14 – 19 October 2024

The 4th Circle: 7 – 12 April 2025

The 5th Circle: 15 – 20 September 2025


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