The Art of Being® Teacher Training

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The Art of Being® Teacher Training

Led by Alan Lowen and Susann Pásztor

Dates: November 2018 – September 2022
Venue: Germany (Hof Oberlethe, Stiersbach, Seidenbuch, Parimal, Haus Ebersberg)
Pricing: €4.860 + food & accommodation
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The training is already in progress and we regret that it’s closed to newcomers.


This Training is for people who wish to learn how to guide people on their journeys of personal growth and self realisation under the tutelage of Alan Lowen, the founder of The Art of Being® and Susann Pásztor, who has trained and worked with him for 25 years and is herself an accomplished and gifted Art of Being teacher and life coach.



  • Opportunity to learn and practice guiding people, using the rich material of structures, processes and meditations that Alan has created over decades, and including The Art of Being Teaching Manual awarded to graduates of the training.
  • Encouragement and support to awaken, nourish, and enhance your creativity, based on which you design your own processes, structures and workshops.
  • Exploring different possibilities of leading – on your own, with a partner, in a team – and learning about their benefits and how to meet their challenges. Discovering your way!
  • Growing trust – in yourself and in your processes: when to let be, when to take control, when to intervene.
  • Learning to be present with the people you are serving, relaxing with unexpected surprises, and so always being able to make spontaneous changes.
  • Learning to value your own work, recognising what you have to give and seeing the impact it can have on other people. Feeling the worth of what you do, however small your part may be.
  • You receive supportive feedback on your creations and on your way of presenting content, and guiding and supporting other people.
  • Authority: what does it mean, and what is your relationship with it? How are you with being the authority in the group? How do you relate with other people’s authority and with their authority trips?
  • How to deal with criticism, challenge, demands, resistance, dislike, distrust, sabotage, blame, or complaint from participants.
  • How to discover and deal with these characteristics in your own personality – including when they manifest as bias, being judgmental, exploiting your authority, etc.
  • Learning to catch yourself when you go into therapising, diagnosing and needing to be the one who knows the answer; and understanding where this comes from in you.
  • Learning how to be with yourself and participants when you make mistakes.
  • Recognising your vulnerabilities – how your own personal experiences, especially your wounds, fears, insecurities and unfulfilled desires and needs influence your way of being with participants, learning from these and not being run by them.
  • Growing into truly enjoying your work with people, through learning to be generous, caring and empathic, to use your sense of humour, to trust your intuition and to discover the beauty of serving.
  • Opportunities, assisting in Alan’s workshops, to lead small segments as a way of growing into your leadership role.
  • Membership in an ongoing Art of Being Teaching Circle that can convene for years to come to explore new ideas and provide support to all its members.



It is expected that people wishing to join this Training have already devoted themselves to their own personal growth by participating in a long experiential course (such as, or equivalent to, The Art of Being Training), or have spent two or more successive years regularly attending experiential workshops.
The Training is for those looking to awaken and access their deepest personal resources and to realise their highest potential in guiding people, whether they are already working in the human potential field or are preparing to do so. It is designed to serve teachers and healers in working with individuals, couples and groups.
It will naturally interest people already deeply engaged with The Art of Being (graduates of Art of Being and Body, Heart & Soul Trainings) who wish to become proficient in leading one or more of the workshops that Alan has created and led over the past decades, or to guide people using his workshop structures, processes and meditations.
For those who wish to learn what are the conditions for becoming an AoB teacher, there will be a special information talk in the 1stsession in November.



The Training spans 2 ½ years beginning Nov 18 2018, and entails 32 days of course attendance that are divided into six 4-6 day workshops. The first (Nov 2018) and final (Mar 2021) sessions will be led by Alan and Susann together. In 2019 and 2020 the Spring sessions will be led by Susann, the Autumn sessions by Alan.
Between each session, from first to final, there will be an ongoing homework assignment so that by the final session each participant has designed, alone or as one of a team of 2-4 trainees, a complete workshop of at least a weekend’s duration Whether you work alone or in a team depends on how you wish to work with people in the future.


All sessions begin at 8:30pm on the first day and end at 2pm on the last day.

Session 1: Nov 18 – 22, 2018, Hof Oberlethe, 4 days (Alan & Susann)
Session 2: Mar 5 – 10, 2019, Stiersbach, 5 days (Susann)
Session 3: Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2019, Seidenbuch, 6 days (Alan)
Session 4: Mar 31 – Apr 5, 2020, Parimal, 5 days (Susann)
Session 5: Sep 14 – 20, 2020, Haus Ebersberg, 6 days (Alan)
Session 6: Mar 11 – 17, 2021, Parimal, 6 days (Alan & Susann)    

Total: 32 days 
Cost: 4.860 € + food & accommodation


The training is already in progress and we regret that it’s closed to newcomers.