On and On – in Love!

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On and On – in Love!

But how, please?
A workshop for couples led by Alan Lowen and Maria Bosisto

Dates: August 30 – September 4, 2020 (begins Sun 8:30pm, ends Fri lunchtime around 2pm, 5 days)
Venue: Hof Oberlethe, Germany
Pricing: €490 p.p. + food and accommodation
Please register at christiane@artofbeing.com
Note: For information on how we adapt our work to the current Covid-19 circumstances please scroll further down.


Ah, relationship! While our partners can really mean the world to us, it’s not unusual for our connection with each other to feel at times messy, boring, painful or simply lacking a certain spark.

After all, does the perfectly fulfilled couple really exist? Perhaps the difference between those who are happy in their relationship, and those who wish they were, is that the latter feel lost when it comes to dealing with the difficulties. And even if we consider ourselves very fortunate in who we are with, it’s in the nature of relationships that we now and then touch in each other things that one or both of us have trouble handling.

The love and intimacy that flow between two people can heal even the deepest of wounds. At the same time, being able to touch each other deeply gives us ways of getting under each other’s skin, sometimes without meaning to! The closer we are, the more we can trigger each other – and this can feel impossible or overwhelming at times. The question then is, how do we turn the challenging ways in which we affect one another into something that nurtures and enriches our relationship?

Whether you are simply looking to connect on a deeper level, or feel the need to address important issues between you, On and On – in Love! gives you a profound 5-day opportunity to:

  • review the dynamics of your relationship
  • practise openness, authenticity and listening
  • tune in with your own needs as well as your partner’s and learn how to look after both
  • explore how you keep yourself and each other in fixed roles
  • unlearn habits that don’t serve you or your relationship
  • discover new ways to relate with one another
  • nourish and care for your love
  • breathe new life into your shared intimacy
  • experience playfulness as a source of joy, excitement and affection
  • honour and celebrate your soul connection with each other

As usual with The Art of Being, this workshop will consist of solo, couples and (Corona-adapted) group processes, together with active meditations, guided journeys, sharings, intimacy rituals and circle work – all supported by a wonderful fusion of soundtracks to deepen your experience. And, complementing each other to provide the best guidance for you, both Alan’s and Maria’s unique ways of working with people.



Maria Bosisto

For several years now, Maria has been part of the Art of Being team where she plays a leading role alongside Christiane and Susann. Her way of being with people is honest and compassionate, creating spaces where new ways of relating can be explored. Her aim is to enable people to become more real with themselves and others, to welcome whatever state they are in, gain insight into patterns they may have and help them explore their inner worlds more deeply. Maria loves working with issues around intimacy and authenticity. She invites participants to bring light into their shadows and live all the colours of their being.



Corona, Corona!
A few words on how we run our workshops in these times:

  • Communication and interaction are both still part of our work. However, our seminars are for now designed to include the requirement for a certain distance between participants.
  • A limited participant number (about 14 couples) and very large group room, plus frequent airing, enough disinfectant, lots of single and double rooms, lots of space in the vast garden area, some of it sheltered for dining – all this is meant to help us keep the risk of infection as low as possible.
  • We expect all those who register to be conscientious and responsible in their behaviour and adhere to the signed agreement and guidelines provided by us.
  • All details can be found in the FAQ section of our website and will be given to you by Christiane when you register your interest.

Please register at christiane@artofbeing.com.