Love, Sex and Shadows

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Love, Sex and Shadows


Dates: 16 – 20 May 2024 (Begins Thu 8.30 pm, ends Mon 2 pm, 4 days)
Venue: Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland
Pricing: €590 p.p. + food & accommodation


A 4-day experiential workshop for couples, and for people who wish to explore the light and the shadows of intimate relationship together with a close friend.

“People in love do not belong to each other. We can only belong to ourselves. This is everyone’s sovereign freedom. Only when we realise this can we truly love each other.” Alan

If I love you, I celebrate your being and I rejoice in your happiness. What else can love be? The greatest learning in any love relationship is to embrace all that your partner touches in you. When your beloved’s actions make you sad or afraid, your personal challenge and inner work is to respect their freedom, not to control it. This is how we learn to really love, and the beauty of it is that we thereby learn to be in love, in our very being, and so naturally with each other.

Love, Sex and Shadows provides a space where you and your partner can learn how to transform fear into love and to delight in each other with passion and a sense of trust and freedom in being together. It enables you to let go of the ways that you each cast shadows on your love relationship and guides you through processes that deepen your intimacy with each other in body, heart and soul.

The restricting personality fears – the shadows – that cause couples to struggle and argue, or to sweep the shadows under the carpet taking the love with them, become in the workshop the means to open, learn, heal and grow. You and your partner are able to encounter in deep yet playful ways your issues of control, possessiveness, jealousy, fear of abandonment, lack of desire and all the not very loving games to which they often lead. There are regular deep sharing circles where Alan offers his gifts and insight to invite the realisations that dispel these dark shadows. It is good to remember too that although it is the shadows that need our attention because in them are found the obstacles to intimacy, the workshop is not ABOUT the shadows. It is about being in love, celebrating your love and being happy in your relationship.

The workshop processes include sharing, contact, music and dance, trance journeys, sensual and erotic rituals with your partner and Alan’s dynamic Art of Being meditations.


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