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Inside Out

Dates: August 30 – September 8, 2020 (starts Sun 8:30pm, ends Tue 2pm, 9 days)
Venue: Hof Oberlethe, Germany
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Inside Out: a 9-day summer fusion
mornings deep-cleaning your psyche
afternoons (mostly) on vacation
evenings of playful intimacy and celebration

Inside Out is a new late-summer Art of Being vacation intensive that replaces the Corfu holiday workshop. It takes place at a beautiful seminar house in the north German countryside, so that for most people travel can be by rail or road, much reducing our carbon impact.


Beginning each day with an Art of Being meditation, we spend the mornings, after breakfast, together in the circle with Alan. It is here that you find yourself engaging in all kinds of life-transforming personal explorations – often mysterious, sometimes magical and always surprising!  It may be you who initiates one of these; more often you are so touched by another’s experience or so identifying with this person that their adventure precipitates your own. And all the time Alan is there, guiding in his inimitable way to inspire and support you, helping you find what you need, whether it is the engagement of others to accompany you as you dive deep, or his own presence with you, or ensuring that nobody intrudes on the space you clearly need so that you can go it alone.


The afternoons are yours to enjoy the surrounding nature, to hike and bike as you like, to bathe in the centre’s zen pool, swim in its natural lake, relax in its vast and beautiful garden, enjoy each other’s company in the pleasant indoor social spaces – or more secluded ones for your more intimate meetings.

After dinner we are again all together in the group room. The evening sessions bring you music, dancing and those delightful creations through which Alan invites you to enjoy meetings of your bodies, hearts and souls as you become day by day more and more open to each other and to your own magical being.

Inside Out

This 9-day intensive is for you to find your way through and free of whatever keeps you from fully celebrating your life and being. There are no words that can capture the wonder of discovering and living your whole, liberated being. It remains unlived for many people because finding it is an odyssey that asks you to embrace the fears and demons you encounter in your psyche. In doing so they become your allies and guides – inner resources that serve you throughout your life.

It requires a certain adventurousness to wish to open the pandora’s box of your psyche. You may only find the courage when you recognise that the things that are not working for you in your day-to-day life keep on not working. When you’ve finally had enough of your own limitations, you’re ready for the quest into those less accessible places in your psyche to make friends with whatever has been holding you back or down or alienated from yourself.

There are all kinds of inducements for choosing to open that box: the sense that you are missing something vital that your heart and soul long for; the desire to break through the limitations and restrictions in which you feel you are living; the sheer thrill of adventuring; the yearning to know and love yourself inside out!


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