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Goodbye! Hello!

A New Year Odyssey with Alan and The Art of Being®

Dates: 29 Dec 2021 – 3 Jan 2022 (begins Wed 8.30 pm, ends Mon 2 pm, 5 days)
Venue: Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland
Pricing: €690 + food & accommodation
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GOODBYE! HELLO! is a 5-day Odyssey: a journey of liberation from all that you no longer need to carry, into the celebration of your whole being. At the epicentre of the experience is our 31st December midnight passing out of and into LIFE! Everything before and after is for letting go… of the old and into the new, so that you can open into the magical and mystical celebration of your nature, your being, your heart and soul – within yourself and in the sweet company of your fellow-travellers.

Beginning the evening of December 29, you are guided through the stories, incidents, events, routines and habits that have structured your life through this past year, and possibly for many years past. The journey takes you ever deeper into yourself, to reveal to you the aspects of your psyche that serve you, and those that limit you or bring you down. Through these revelations you are led into processes carefully designed to bring energy, trust and power to your conscious and life-celebrating inner being and to dismantle and dissolve your self-sabotaging structures. In short, to clear your inner space so that all that truly nourishes your life and being can grow and blossom in you.

Space odyssey! – between the old and the new…
These first 2 days are essential preparation for the between-lives hiatus that we enter on the night of December 31. For 50 minutes leading into midnight, your Goodbye meditation dematerialises 2020 and carries you into the void before the Big Bang explodes you into a deep and high-flying celebration of New Year!

Our exuberant New Year Celebration calls for a relaxed, light, playful, musical Hello to the first day of 2021. The following day guides  you into profound friendliness with the whole of your magical being and sets you on your way to live every coming day with ever-renewing presence and all the gifts this naturally brings into your daily life.

In the nature of this life-celebrating adventure, there will be times for meditating, for dancing and singing, for playful and intimate encounters with each other, and for sitting together with Alan in his be-here-now circle.


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