Body, Heart & Soul Two

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Body, Heart & Soul Two

Dates: Scheduled for 2025 (7 days)
Venue: Hof Oberlethe, Germany
Pricing: €820 + food & accommodation
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Please know that to participate in this workshop you need to have completed Body, Heart & Soul One



“Ecstasy defies description just as much as it defies planning. It is a mystery of body, heart and soul that can, however, be invited..”  Alan

Unbounded pleasure can open you to two precious human qualities: surrender and ecstasy. The one leads to the other. Both have a remarkably transforming influence on every aspect of your personal life.

Body, Heart & Soul Two, in its fusion of beauty, joy, love and understanding, provides something we all need and deserve. It reveals mysteries of life and being that remain otherwise hidden and unknown to us. Diving deep into sensual and erotic pleasure is one way to make a discovery that can change your entire perspective on life. Whilst ecstasy, in its very nature, cannot be programmed, there is a key that unlocks the door and opens our way there. It is found in our trusting surrender to pleasure, and what a life-transforming key this can be!

So much of our normal upbringing emphasises control, and in all kinds of situations – interpersonal, business and professional, sporting, performing arts, meditative practices and so on – control is indeed beneficial. It enhances our experience of pleasure too. But unless we have also learned to give up control, it keeps us always confined within its limits. Sexual surrender is a letting-go as uncontrolled as our final breath of life; both take us into boundless mystery

In the 7 days of Body, Heart & Soul Two you are invited and guided into sensual and erotic processes, rituals and trance journeys that open you more and more to the experience of pleasure, and empower you to own it as a valuable attribute, both of your sexual nature and your whole being. You come repeatedly to the psychological edge where pleasure invites surrender – the relinquishing of all control. Here, as needed, you are guided and helped to dissolve fears that may have deep roots, and to find the trust that releases you from their clutches. If your journey involves work, it is here, in learning how to surrender when your upbringing has taught you only the opposite. It is liberating work! Letting go of controlling agendas, expectations and goals, immersed in surrendered pleasure, you become available to the ecstatic.


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What participants have to say:

"Thank you again for one of the most touchingly human experiences of my life... I now know to fully trust my inner feelings."

Ric, Australia

"It was a lovely workshop - deep, humorous, connected. I thought the structures were inspired and very effective…"

Pamela, USA

"I want to thank you for all the presents I took home from Body, Heart & Soul. The experiences you made possible for me in that week have guided my life into more light, lightness and authenticity."

Susanne, Switzerland