A Taste of The Art of Being

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A Taste of The Art of Being

Workshop for Self-Exploration

Dates: 18 – 21 July 2024 (Begins Thu 8.30 pm, ends Sun 5 pm, 3 days)
Venue: Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
Pricing: €445 + food & accommodation
Registration: taru@oshouta.de


A wonderful 3-day experience with all the essential Art of Being® components to help you connect more intimately with yourself and meet others in the fullness of your being. And whether you are a newcomer or already familiar with The Art of Being®, this workshop is designed so that whenever you are ready you can dive deeper.

The guided explorations and processes invite you to get in touch with deeper longings, question assumptions that you carry about yourself and practise more and more friendliness with your inner states. They offer you a vibrant, loving and compassionate way of living yourself in the world out there.

Alan’s legendary circle work will give you an empowering space to learn to trust yourself more and try out new ways of interacting with others. If you’re dealing with ongoing struggles in your life, the carefully designed processes can help you to gain a better understanding of your wounds and liberate yourself from dysfunctional patterns – and of course become aware of your unique personal resources! Connecting with these enables you to face your challenges with confidence and find playful ways for your rich sensing-feeling presence to be your trusted ally on your life journey.