A Taste of The Art of Being

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A Taste of The Art of Being

Intro-Workshop Self-Exploration

Dates: 18 – 21 July 2024 (Begins Thu 8.30 pm, ends Sun 5 pm, 3 days)
Venue: Osho UTA, Cologne, Germany
Pricing: €420 + food & accommodation
Registration: bhakti@oshouta.de


With Alan Lowen and Maria Bosisto

Do you live in some ways at odds with yourself, wondering whether this is really who you are, or all that you are? Do you maybe have the sense that there are qualities and attributes dormant or shut away inside you that would significantly enhance your life, if only you could discover and weave them into your being? In this long weekend workshop, Alan and Maria do not try to give you answers. Rather, with warm-hearted and insightful presence they each in their own ways guide you into experiences that inspire and enable you to find, retrieve and incorporate into your being whatever it is you are seeking.

A Taste of The Art of Being® can be a real game-changer if you live your life burdened with sorrows, fears, grievances and wrongs, or self-sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs. Even if these have held you long in their clutches, this workshop can enable you to befriend those dark inner states and find the keys to release yourself from such burdens.

And if you are simply a passionate adventurer into the boundless mysteries of being, spending these days in the space you love to be in may as always open new vistas and expanded states of presence and awareness.

The experiences – the circle work for which Alan is renowned, Maria’s meticulously crafted interactive processes that invite healing, opening and awakening, Art of Being® meditations, trance and dance sessions fitting the mood of the moment – are carefully choreographed always with you in mind – because first and foremost for both Alan and Maria is to be caringly present with you and for you throughout the workshop.