Soul to Soul!

Alan talking to participants at the end of the Soul-Life workshop in Czech Republic, April 26, 2012

What happened here this last hour is my way of sharing with each of you, without the need for words, what soul-life really is. My wish, my prayer for all of you it that from now on you can more and more let the mystery be dancing in you. Out in the world, ninety-nine out of a hundred times you meet someone’s eyes and you see only a curtain, because the way our world is, we learn not to let people see in. And one in a hundred times there is no curtain. Then you meet soul-to-soul and something dances between the two of you.

Just don’t try to make it happen! If you go around now self-consciously looking in people’s eyes, I hope you get into trouble. The Sufi’s have this beautiful saying, “Pray in secret.” It’s how I feel about our soul-life. It’s not something to write on your forehead or display. It’s a dance going on in your being. It’s your secret celebration! Sometimes people may wonder what you’re on. OK! But you’re not busy displaying yourself or advertising how amazing you are. People only need to do that because they are not in touch with their souls! I hope you caught at least a glimpse of you without curtains, of life without curtains.”