Ride your wave!


I imagine you know these moments when it really matters to express what is going on in you. I call it riding the wave. You feel the wave coming and you know in your soul that you have to surf it, and be willing to let it take you where it takes you. And you never know! Sometimes it takes you to a beautiful place; you carve a beautiful ride on the wave. And sometimes it trashes you and you go through an extraordinary experience before you finally come up above water again and can breathe and relax. That’s a learning experience.


A lot of people don’t ride their waves because of their fear: “Oh my God, what’s it going to do with me? Where is it going to take me?” There is another perspective! “Wow, what’s it going to do with me? Where is it going to take me?”

Yes, the same energy, just one way it is deadened by fear, the other way it is lived as excitement. Fear is just excitement standing on its head. And why go for the excitement? Why ride the wave? Because your soul asks you to; because if you don’t, something precious in you goes unlived. Whenever you do what you’re afraid to do, be what you’re afraid to be, express what you’re afraid to express, you ride the wave. But you have to ride it while the wave is rolling, while the energy is in you. Waiting until the moment has passed is like trying to surf on a flat ocean.