Love the Shadow!


Last weekend in Berlin I presented my Love and the Shadow workshop for couples, and added some follow-up homework assignments to help the couples carry the gifts they found in the workshop into their love relationships at home. Today I posted an mp3 recording I made during the workshop on a website. It is all about the assignments. I gave it the title, “LoveShadow…” – at least, that’s what I thought I had done. When it arrived in my mailbox so that I can send it to the participants, I found instead, “Love_the_Shadow…”

What a beautiful mistake! This is exactly what the workshop is all about – learning to love the shadows that usually undermine love in our relationships because we don’t know how to love them – neither in ourselves nor in our partners!

If you ever participated in Love and the Shadow, and would like to download the mp3, just send me an email (alan(at), with “Love the shadow!” in the Subject Header. It is an English-German recording.

Aloha, alan