Sex has been getting a raw deal for a long time. It is in our nature to desire and enjoy it – to love sex the way we love chocolate or champagne. But few of us have been educated to give sex our love.

This is hardly surprising. It’s still not so long since sex was synonymous with shame and sinfulness, and while – at least in western Europe – that holy oppression has pretty well collapsed and sex is more accepted and available than at any time since the Roman Empire, the real revolution – the one that brings sex in from the cold – still hasn’t happened. Something is missing, and you only have to pay attention to the way sex is addressed to see it. Look at how sex is used as a sales commodity, how frequently it is exploited for profit; listen to the way it is discussed in the media or talked about among friends. Normally missing is a sense of shared respect for something regarded as precious. It’s not that we should be speaking of sex in hushed and holy terms. But even disregarding blasé, coarse jokes and sexual cynicism, there isn’t any such thing as a normal sense of loving regard and caring for sex. It just doesn’t occur to us because we haven’t grown up in a culture that treats sex with love. As a result, whether we are still contending with issues of shame and repression, or are liberated enough to be having fun with sex, we are probably still unconsciously stuck in an attitude that one way or another keeps us unable to celebrate the deepest magic and mysteries of sexual intimacy.

To find this is like bringing an unknown sense into being, like someone who has been blind since birth being suddenly able to see. This is why I created the Body, Heart and Soul series of workshops, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t need the experience that Body, Heart & Soul One provides. It is such an eye-opener! It transforms people’s lives. By the time they have come through the celebration of a new sexual awakening – the Initiation ceremonies of the final days – after 4 days of preparation that undoes all their very normal conditioning, sex has an entirely new place in the woman or man they are – a very loved and honoured place in their body, heart and soul. So my friend, however young or old you are, whatever your sexual preference, for the sake of love and beauty in your intimate life, you are most welcome!