From here to eternity: really!


What a memorable Art of Being vacation! Before I arrived in Corfu I was thinking of exploring some new Mediterranean location for next summer’s vacation workshop. Within five minutes of strolling again through the lovely grounds of Buddha Hall centre on its hilltop above Arillas Bay, that notion evaporated completely.

What could be more perfect than this? And by the end of the week I was as awed as were the participants by the sheer magic of the experience we shared together. It really lived up to its name: FROM HERE TO ETERNITY! So yes, we will be here again for the final week of August next year! I can’t imagine a lovelier way to end the summer holidays. Here is some of what I wrote to the participants on returning home:

“…so many moments of opening into that indescribable space between here and eternity!… You leave me happy with the Tantric structure of the workshop that through your presence, your trust and your courage you knowingly or unknowingly helped design… I imagine the sunshine glow that you have all brought home with you. I hope it continues to shine on in your bodies, hearts and souls for weeks and months to come – actually for ever would be OK too!”