Even if it’s been said before, NO COMPLAINING!


I wrote this letter to participants after last week’s Body, Heart & Soul 1 workshop in Czech Republic.

My dear friends,

It is three days since the end of our awesome journey together in Body, Heart & Soul 1. I imagine you all out there somewhere in your own personal world and of course I hope that you are continuing to find gifts from our week together. This is a good time to remind you too, of what I said on the last morning. Maybe you are still flying high, but what really matters is to be able to embrace all that happens in you when you are back on the ground – and even more so, when you find yourself in your underworld.

So although our week was in essence a journey into the sensual, sexual, erotic and hopefully gave you an experience of the vast mystery that is Tantra, I am inspired to offer you all a beautiful assignment that may not, on the surface, seem to have much to do with Tantra: for the next 6 months of your life, every time you catch yourself, LET GO OF COMPLAINING! It doesn’t matter what the complaint is about or to whom it is directed. Something beautiful happens to you in your life when you dare to let it go and to allow yourself to then open to the space that you discover – the space that you normally filled with complaining. If you take this on, it will drive you a little crazy at first to realise just how much energy you put into complaining. Sometimes it is not even with words. Just your look, or the way you breathe, can be full of complaint. In the letting go, you may discover more of the great mystery than you might have imagined. In any case, bon voyage! And please know that my love is with you all.

With a very warm aloha, alan

PS:  next Body, Heart & Soul 1 workshop begins May 25 (Pfingsten) at the lovely Waldhaus Zentrum in Switzerland.