Did you receive the gift?


Ah, about being what you call old! There’s a world of difference between happy acceptance and lonely resignation. If you live in happy acceptance, you are free to celebrate even if you are very, very, very old. You simply enjoy: I’m here to celebrate my nature and being from beginning to end.  For a couple of years, a woman in her eighties attended my Body, Heart, and Soul sexuality and Tantra workshops. She was having such a Tantric party, it was a privilege to witness her. I haven’t seen her for a while. I think maybe she’s transcended Tantra now! She was such a beautiful demonstration of the way in which age doesn’t matter, even though there are all sorts of ways in which it does.  She demonstrated how it doesn’t matter in choosing to celebrate her womanhood in her ninth decade, when she realised how much she and most of her generation had missed out on. And guess what! Most of the men and women in those workshops loved her, in no small part because she wasn’t concerned whether anybody was loving her or not. She was just overjoyed to be able to celebrate being female. She was in love with the woman she had finally embraced. Maybe by now she’s transcended everything. If so, I’m sure she went out dancing into the light!

And what I’m saying isn’t just to do with age and it isn’t just to do with being female. This is a fundamental question for every one of you.  Never mind how old, young, what sex you are, how fat or thin, how short or tall, never mind whether you had a happy or unhappy childhood. The question is: WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GIFT?  The gift you have been given of journeying through this life as male or female. Yes, I understand of course that we all contain both. But are you in a friendly relationship with the most fundamental fact of your nature? Are you celebrating the gift of your male-female body-psyche? Are you receiving creatively the challenges that come with the gift? And above all, are you willing to travel the path of your soul’s journey through this life, being this woman, this man that you are? If you are, then you’re not complaining about the things that aren’t so easy about being YOU, but actually receiving every single experience as an invitation to open more, to awaken more, to celebrate more THIS BEING.