Being here is really liberating!


Some words that came to me one morning as I was guiding the Art of Being meditation with which the workshop day usually begins:

 “This meditation has no meaning if it does not flow into you in your day. Find the trust to live what existence brings you, not what you demand, not the requirements of your limited personality. Then you understand that you are not the controller of what happens. It is only the personality that believes otherwise. The Art of Being meditation is calling you into freedom from that madness. It invites you to discover yourself from moment to moment as a participant in the dance of existence happening. Yes you have your creativity, your desire, your passion, your longing, your wanting – and it is all you dancing with existence. Sometimes life blesses you with what you want and sometimes it asks you to surrender, alive in your wanting and breathing empty-handed. This is how you discover this being who is never busy with getting, having, holding and getting more – who lives awakening to the present, constantly letting go into this, here, now.”