Alan’s letter about The Art of Being Summer Festival 2016


My friends,

The 2016 Art of Being Summer Festival is just 2 weeks away. Through this springtime that now turns into summer, it has grown and blossomed, as you can see by visiting The Festival Programme  website. There are fresh and updated descriptions of what the main event teachers are offering, and you will also find information about the rich variety of accompanying guides, teachers, musicians and Tantric practitioners who are bringing still more magic to this 5-day celebration of life, love and BEING!

Since the very beginning I have trusted the theme of the festival to evolve naturally and organically. It is of course in essence The Art of Being, which has infinite ways to manifest itself in existence. It delights and excites me to see how Gayatri, Maok, Ruby, Sarka and myself have woven together this beautiful magic carpet from our individual inspirations and visions.

It is a Tantric festival in the deepest sense of the word, where “Tantra” means “the weaving together of all that is into a conscious boundless whole”: all our colours, painted with the music of these amazing musicians who have chosen to come and bless our festival each with their own special genius.

AND it is a special pleasure to have Niraj Mike Skilbeck of Dance Biodanza joining us to be our Master of Ceremonies. His presence adds still more colour and entertainment to our festivities! Welcome, dear Niraj!

So friends, will you be with us through these first days of July? I can imagine no lovelier way to celebrate your own magical BEING!

With love, alan