Ah…if birds were neurotic!


We’re like the weather, we just keep on happening. I remember many years ago I was leading a workshop in England and there was an old lady there – she was in her 80′s. Everything was really quiet and suddenly she says, “I love weather!” Just that: “I love weather!” It’s what you’ve been learning here – to love your weather, to be friendly with however you are right now. And have you noticed, the weather is always happening RIGHT NOW!  So love it ANYWAY just because it is! How crazy we are that we make this so difficult! Can you imagine if the weather were as neurotic as we are? “Wait a minute, I don’t know if this is the right time to rain. I think my clouds are too fat. Am I allowed to be sunny? It’s no use, I think there’s something wrong with me.” Or the birds! Can you imagine if birds were neurotic? “I’ve forgotten the tune! And anyway, I know the other birds don’t like my singing. I’m going to mess up the dawn chorus. Maybe I can’t fly, either. I’m going to fall off this branch. Oh my God!” Ah…if birds were neurotic! But they’re not. They just sing. And fly. And live and die. And they never wonder why. And I don’t know if they cry. I don’t think they try!