A talk at end of The Universal Experience workshop


This is a transcript of my closing words to the people who participated in The Universal Experience workshop (an intimate encounter with your own death), at Waldhaus Zentrum in Switzerland last weekend (Sep 16-18).

“I love how we change the world through changing ourselves. I really know from bitter experience how the world can hammer us down again and again, or just drag us into cul-de-sacs and all kinds of nonsense. When you catch the magic of really BEING HERE, it gets to matter so much that you will go to the ends of the earth to look after it… When you get to love this quality of being present in your life, you realize that it’s not just about being celebrative and happy. It’s also about being really creative, because when you are in touch with your whole being, you are in touch with your magic. You can really play with existence as it is happening and you live this with trust because you are connected with the mystery that you have been travelling through these past days. When this matters, the world can grab you and take you off on side-tracks but you never forget what it is to really be here, and when you lose touch with it, it matters to you to find it again. Sometimes that is as easy as putting on a piece of beautiful music. And sometimes you lose yourself so much in the world that you need something like this experience to find the connection again. Sometimes too you just want to open new doors and go deeper and deeper into the mystery of being.

My workshops serve these needs, but whether with me or anybody else, my own personal hope is that THIS, THIS BEING FULLY PRESENT IN YOUR LIFE matters to you so much that it becomes your invisible treasure. When you feel in your heart and your soul that you need this space again, then come again – to me or to someone else.

Personally I choose to work with what I consider to be life’s essentials. That is why I lead a lot of sexuality workshops. Sex really matters! And those workshops are no more intellectual than this, your encounter with death. My sexuality workshops are sexual! A lot of people call this Tantra. Tantra is a far mystery that we can touch eventually. Before we can touch it we have to make friends again with our male-female nature and release ourselves from all the nonsense that this civilization puts on us – mostly exploitation or repression of sex. The BODY, HEART & SOUL workshops are my response to this. You know, I’ve asked many thousands of people, “Who celebrated your sexual awakening?” Let’s see! Raise your hand if your family or community celebrated your sexual awakening.

Three of you! That is miraculous. That is the most ever! Usually no hands are raised. That brings to about fifteen the sum total of the people who have raised their hands over the past twenty years that I have been asking this question. So yes, I work with sex, with death, with relationship, with your child and your soul, and with the art of being who you are!

OK, that’s all from me. I look forward to seeing you again, and if I don’t, I wish you a really beautiful life!”