Current Workshops with Alan

***The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2017

July 5–9, 2017, Hotel Luna, Czech Republic, 90km from Prague

Miracle and Mystery: a not-only-Tantra festival, 3rd year

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Body, Heart & Soul – about the course

BODY, HEART & SOUL® is a 28-day course divided into 4 residential 7-day workshops. It is a journey of reconciliation with your sexual nature, a way to heal sexual wounds and learn to honour what many of us have been taught to devalue. Integrating your sex, feelings, heart and soul, you also become the lover you love being.

BODY, HEART & SOUL ONE guides you into restoring and celebrating full connection with your sexuality. After completing this foundation workshop you are welcome to participate in any or all of the 3 deep BODY, HEART & SOUL workshops. You may also join the option 2 of the NEW 2-year ART OF BEING TRAINING.
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Body, Heart & Soul One

Apr 14-20, 2017, Waldhaus Zentrum, Switzerland (begins 10.30am Friday)
May 23-29, 2017, Earth Spirit Centre, nr Glastonbury, England, (begins 10.30am Tuesday)

When sex is restored to its rightful place in the woman or man you are, it is your most intimate delight, an energy to be honoured in yourself and others and a way to open to your boundless inner universe.
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Body, Heart & Soul Ecstasy (BHS2)

Dates not yet scheduled.

Pleasure, Surrender and Ecstasy

Body, Heart & Soul Ecstasy is designed to give you experiences of pleasure in which you have the opportunity to surrender to the excitement of your sexual energy and erotic states. You inevitably become aware of the ways you prevent this happening, and in the carefully structured processes you are guided through your barriers in very safe and playful ways.
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Body, Heart & Soul Intimacy (BHS3)

Dates not yet scheduled.

BODY, HEART & SOUL INTIMACY invites and guides you into depths of sensual and sexual communion that may awaken you to a quality of body, heart and soul intimacy beyond anything you have ever experienced.
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Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra (BHS4)

March 17-24, 2017, Parimal Gut Hübenthal, Germany

Love, Surrender and Eternity

Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra! Intimate rituals, Art of Being meditations, ecstatic trance journeys and the keys belonging to the first three Body, Heart & Soul workshops all prepare you for the Infinity ceremonies. Spanning 2 days, these profoundly Tantric ceremonies invite you, in your body, heart and soul, to dissolve beyond all knowing, beyond Tantra itself, into the infinite!
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Mystical Tantra

June 2-5, 2017, Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland (begins Friday 10.30am, ends Monday 1pm)

Whether your experience of intimacy is sensual, erotic, a love story, or even platonic, open enough and you can fuse into soul space. Through these 3 days of intimate explorations, Alan guides you all the way into the timeless boundless mystery beyond all. It is for everyone who is open to exploring intimacy, whether you come alone or with your partner.
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July 11-16, 2017, Haus Ebersberg, central Germany

Is it time to invite a different future than the one that your past has prepared for you?
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The Universal Experience

October 27-29, 2017, Waldhaus Centre, Switzerland
November 4-6, 2017, Earth Spirit Centre, nr Glastonbury, England

If we do not know how to let go of life, can we live it happily? How can we discover what death wants to teach us? How can we learn not to fear it? The Universal Experience is one of the most beautiful and reconciling workshops available on the theme of death, loss and letting go. This remarkably real journey into life's greatest mystery has restored trust, understanding and happiness to many people’s lives. After 25 years, it is still the most popular workshop in Alan’s repertoire.
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More than Tantra: the Journey into Being

Dates not yet scheduled.

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