Love & the Shadow

February 22-24, 2019
London, UK

“The surest way to meet our shadows is in relating intimately with another. Every shadow is hiding something we need to befriend in ourselves.” 
Alan Lowen

Come with your partner
Come with a friend
Come by yourself

The Universal Experience (DE)

April 5-7, 2019
Seminarhaus Pegasus, Germany

If we do not know how to let go of life, can we live it happily? How can we discover what death wants to teach us? How can we learn not to fear it? The Universal Experience is one of the most beautiful and reconciling workshops available on the theme of death, loss and letting go. This remarkably real journey into life’s greatest mystery has restored trust, understanding and happiness to many people’s lives. After 25 years, it is still the most popular workshop in Alan’s repertoire.

The Art of Being® Summer Festival 2019

July 2-6, 2019, Hotel Luna
Czech Republic (90km from Prague)

A not-only-Tantra festival, 5th year

In English with Czech translation

5 days opening and awakening to the mystical magic of becoming present in our whole being

♡ 5 days
♡ 24 teacher-guides and musicians
♡ 200 participants
♡ beautiful venue surrounded by nature

High on Life: a Tantric vacation in Corfu

August 24-31, 2019
Buddha Hall, Corfu, Greece

A Mediterranean Tantric holiday. Seven days and nights celebrating the art of being! In the circle, on the beach, in nourishing touch with your body, in heart-opening intimacy with each other, in deep communion with your soul. With each passing day the sun shines brighter in your being. The vacation lasts a week, its treasures last a life-time!

The Body, Heart & Soul® Course

Body, Heart & Soul® is a 28-day course divided into 4 residential 7-day workshops.

It is a journey of reconciliation with your sexual nature, a way to heal sexual wounds and learn to honour what many of us have been taught to devalue. Integrating your sex, feelings, heart and soul, you also become the lover you love being. Body, Heart & Soul One guides you into restoring and celebrating full connection with your sexuality. After completing this foundation workshop you are welcome to participate in any or all of the 3 deep Body, Heart & Soul workshops. You may also join the option 2 of the 2-year Art of Being® Training.

The Art of Being® Training

May 2018 – June 2020
Germany: Seminarhaus Sampurna, Haus Ebersberg, Parimal, Hof Oberlethe

The training is already in progress and we regret that it’s closed to newcomers. The next Art of Being Training begins November 2020.

There are no longer separate Art of Being and Body, Heart & Soul Trainings. These two Trainings of the past 25 years have been woven together in the 2-YEAR ART OF BEING TRAINING that offers two options.

The Art of Being® Teacher Training

November 2018 – Spring 2021
Germany: Hof Oberlethe, Stiersbach, Seidenbuch, Parimal, Haus Ebersberg

The training is already in progress and we regret that it’s closed to newcomers.

This Training is for people who wish to learn how to guide people on their journeys of personal growth and self realisation under the tutelage of Alan Lowen, the founder of The Art of Being® and Susann Pásztor, who has trained and worked with him for 25 years and is herself an accomplished and gifted Art of Being teacher and life coach.