Love & the Shadow

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Love & the Shadow

Dates: February 22-24, 2019 (begins Fri 7pm, ends Sun 5pm)
Venue: Plough Studios (The Factory), Clapham, London, UK
Pricing: £249, Early Bird: £229 valid until January 5th
Discount: Please get in touch for couples’ and under 30’s discount:, tel. 07446 039234
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Please be aware that this is a non-residential workshop. We ask you to bring your own food for our shared lunches.


“The surest way to meet our shadows is in relating intimately with another. Every shadow is hiding something we need to befriend in ourselves.” Alan Lowen

Come with your partner, come with a friend or come by yourself.

This weekend is about transforming the way you live your love stories and intimate encounters. The shadows in our personalities stem from the survival strategies we learned growing up in a less than perfect family and society. They act as critics – of ourselves and of others – and show up in all kinds of ways in our daily lives. Not only do they prevent us from living our whole multi-coloured being; they are also the prime cause of the personal difficulties we have with other people. Understandably they find their spoiling ways into our love relationships. And they can be valuable teachers when we know how to relate with them.

Love and the Shadow changes your relationship with your own shadows, and teaches you how to meet another with your full presence, rather than being in conscious or unconscious ways guarded or partial about how available you allow yourself to be. You discover the inner spaces, states and feelings that for whatever reason you have learned to shut down or avoid. Most of us have them. Far more important, you learn to reconcile with them. Being friendly with your full inner life enhances your personal presence and transforms your relationships with other people. You find yourself letting go of self-protecting hidden agendas, and happily dismantling distance-keeping barriers between you and others. People experience you as happy to be you and open to your feelings and your heart. You can be alone without feeling lonely, and this gives you much to share when something more intimate beckons.

When this is experienced and understood, your shadows are regarded always as opportunities to learn something that will deepen the intimacy and happiness in your love stories. Every difficulty you experience in relationship is an invitation to open to more of yourself and learn to befriend whatever you still judge or reject in yourself and in your partner. It is really all about being able to love more deeply as you embrace more and more of your real being. You celebrate a profoundly intimate connection not only with your beloved, but with life itself.

What you can expect
The workshop structure is a synthesis of interpersonal processes that may invite sensual, possibly erotic contact with each other, and equally deep journeys into your own body, feelings, heart and soul. The day begins with Alan’s Art of Being meditation, and as always, he brings a rich mix of music for dancing and to provide beautiful ambience for the explorations. Naturally, he brings too his personal gifts and resources to help individuals and couples find new ways to resolve or dissolve their personal issues.

Friday: 7pm – 10pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm


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