Free To Feel, Free To Love! (UK)

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Free To Feel, Free To Love! (UK)

Dates: July 5-8, 2019 (starts Fri 8.30pm, ends Mon 4pm)
Venue: EarthSpirit Centre, nr Glastonbury, UK
Pricing: £245 + food and accommodation (see below)
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Watch Alan Lowen’s Body, Heart & Soul® video.


Free to Feel, Free to Love! is the opening 3 days of Alan’s 7-day workshop Body, Heart & Soul One.
It is a workshop complete in itself. If you are attracted to Body, Heart & Soul One workshop, but don’t know Alan and wish for a shorter experience with him before committing to a whole week, Free to Feel, Free to Love! is your perfect opportunity. If you wish you are, of course, free to choose to stay for the full 7 days after the first 3 days have ended. Simply talk to our organiser to arrange this.

Free To Feel, Free to Love! invites you to renew your connection with your sensual and sexual nature from the ground up, recognising that how you were touched – or not – in the first years of your life profoundly influences how much trust and pleasure you find in being intimate. You are guided gently into deepening experiences of touching and being touched – in your body, feelings, heart and soul. The processes may be dynamic and high energy, soft and sensual, silent and meditative. They sometimes take you deep into yourself and other times invite you to connect with others. As you open to your male or female nature you learn also, in meeting others, to honour your own boundaries. This builds your self-trust so that you are able to relax in the pleasures of intimate relating.


To register for the event please put down a deposit of £100 using the ticket link on

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Food and Accommodation
Ranges from £165 to £225. Once you have registered, you can discuss food & accommodation options with Meru ( For information on the venue and how to get there please see EarthSpirit Centre.

The workshop starts on Friday 5th at 8.30pm. Please arrange to arrive at the Centre from 6pm for an evening meal at 7pm. Free to Feel, Free to Love! ends on Monday 8th at 4pm.



Please register at