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Dates: May 25-31, 2018 (starts Fri 8.30pm, ends Fri lunchtime, 6 days)
Venue: Earth Spirit Centre, nr Glastonbury, England
Pricing: £425 + food & accommodation
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Because of the personal nature of this workshop the number of participants will be limited to 40.


6 days discovering yourself anew and renewing your life

Are you longing to shake things up?

Do you have the sense of being too fixed in your life and wish to get free of habits and routines that have taken you over?

Are you ready to begin again, only now with self-awareness and much more connection with your body, heart and soul?

Maybe you feel that your upbringing and personal history have led you to play, explore and celebrate less than you really deserve?

Perhaps your life is good enough as it is, yet you know in your soul that meeting yourself anew could open you to unknown inner spaces and resources, reveal new options and opportunities, perhaps even transform your very being?

Being! offers you a 6-day experience to rediscover yourself, as one of a circle of 40 people adventuring together and each on their own personal odyssey. It is a journey that will take you deep into yourself, and into very real engagement with others, in encounters and explorations that may be playful, challenging, cooperative, sensual-erotic, and intimate. Whatever their nature, they are designed to lead you to new discoveries and reconciliations with yourself. These may happen during the explorations themselves or as one of those unpredictable surprises that give Art of Being workshops their magical and mystical hallmark.

During the six days you can expect to be guided into group processes, Art of Being meditations, trance journeys, Alan’s be-here-now circle work, blindfolded solitude, Tantric explorations, dancing celebrations and those illuminating moments and events that happen spontaneously as we all open more and more into the boundless mystery of being.


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