Workshop Details

Mystical Tantra

June 2-5, 2017, Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland (begins Friday 10.30am, ends Monday 1pm)

“It is your presence that brings you into the mystic.” Alan

“One glimpse is a blessing!” Rumi




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We all naturally experience life’s mystical dimension when we are present in our senses, feelings, heart and soul. The Tantric path into the mystic is perhaps the most beautiful of all because it invites you to discover this extraordinary state of being through engaging with the sensual and the erotic within yourself and with whomsoever you choose to meet intimately.

Mystical Tantra guides you through a series of intimate rituals that carry you deeper and higher into your whole being. Beginning with your primal male-female instinct, you are guided into your desire and passion, your power, your heart with its love and its longing, your unique and magical being, and your soul through which all of this becomes one with the infinite. Yes, this is a Tantric chakra journey! The rituals are carefully ordered to bring you into deepening intimacy that becomes an exquisite fusion of nature and spirit in love and consciousness – the union of sex and soul.

You can come with a partner, or simply choose to find partner(s) among other participants there – or to journey with nobody but yourself. In any case you are supported in always honouring your boundaries and in opening just as much as you choose in the Tantric rituals that flow one into another. There are occasional sharing circles with Alan to help you find your way through whatever obstacles arise. Because of the structure of the workshop, the gender-balance is kept more or less even, with Alan’s assistants available to participate when needed. This workshop is for everyone who wishes to open into the mystic soul of Tantra. Naturally, the focus of the rituals is not on technique but on opening into your total presence.

Alan has created many processes, meditations and guided journeys that invite an ever-deepening and expanding state of presence. He brings also a vast and acclaimed repertoire of music chosen for its power to touch, open, inspire and release. He brings his own presence as a creative resource serving our deepest and highest human potential. Above all, he creates a space for that which is beyond us all and makes THE DIFFERENCE to our personal life when we make space for it in our inner being.



“Alan, in the last year I have found myself in various groups exploring connection, dance, intimacy. The quality of the leading varies a lot. I talk with other participants who really think the facilitation is amazing. I often find myself thinking, “You have no idea”. The depth of your teaching showed me depths way beyond… I have come to see how extraordinarily lucky I was to come to you for the first significant workshops of my life ten years ago. Quite by chance, right at the start of my personal growth journey, I got to work with one of the best.” David, UK

“Mystical Tantra, was life-changing for me. I discovered what it really feels like to be fully present in the moment and let everything else fall away. Alan’s processes allowed me to have a mystical experience of the Divine and to know the Divine in a way I had not known before — a way that was truly transformational.  I have what I consider a solid spiritual foundation and this workshop took everything I had known to another level . . . a deeper level.  Mystical Tantra cannot be explained with words. It needs to be experienced.  I encourage anyone who wants to be more present, desires a more profound connection with themselves and longs for an experience with the Divine to attend this workshop.” C.J. Rhafir, USA

“I can say with conviction that my old story has been laid to rest and my present, more empowered story, inspired by the work in our circle, is emerging with gusto. Trusting in the divine order of the universe, in the mysteries of life and in the mysteries within myself is giving me opportunities to grow…When I give Lora the permission to speak, to be, to feel . . . magic happens. My friend looked at me when I got home and said “I want to get me some of whatever you got!”   I can’t tell you how many people have told me “you look different”. ..And I am different from the inside out!” Lora Hirschhorn, USA