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More than Tantra: the Journey into Being

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More than Tantra is a 3-day weekend for people who have come to the realisation that how they regard sex, and how they live (or don’t allow themselves to live) their sensual and erotic passions, is far too controlled by their upbringing and conditioning. This can result in everything from repression to recklessness. When our sex-and-intimate life is run by our hidden agendas, it is essentially our mind that is running the show.

More than Tantra begins by first bringing you out of your head into your body, your male-female nature, your passion and your feelings. Now the real adventure can begin! Tantra means weaving all that you are into one integrated whole. When you arrive where this experience brings you, you realise that what you’ve been missing was never about sex. But what a beautiful way to come out of your head into the magic of your body-feelings-heart-and-soul BEING!