Workshop Details

Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra (BHS4)

Planned for spring 2020, Germany

Love, Surrender and Eternity 


“At the heart of our being is our love, seeking to express itself.” Alan

Please know that to participate in this workshop you need to have completed Body, Heart & Soul One



The 4th and final workshop, Body, Heart & Soul Beyond Tantra concludes the cycle by guiding you into the ultimate, paradoxical mystery of Tantra. It is no longer about you, nor is it about your meetings with others, even as you become totally and passionately present in such meetings. Everything now leads you to the ultimate love experience – the one that takes you beyond yourself, each other and all that is. The Infinity ceremonies that occupy the last two full days of the workshop bring all of Body, Heart & Soul to its completion.

The preceding days take you into engaging processes to clear away everything that might still keep you limited to the habits, routines and judgements of your psyche. They are carefully designed to guide you into yet another unique experience, one that brings you a profound realisation of your real essence as man, as woman, as being.

These days of processes, Art of Being meditations, trance-journeys, dance and the intimate sharing circles, all pave the way to the Infinity ceremonies. It is up to you now whether you are attended by two or three people or by only your chosen partner. Or perhaps you choose to fly solo. Your experience can in any case be everything from platonic to intimately erotic. It is the ceremony itself, the music and the ambience of beauty, sensitivity, love and awareness, that carries you into all that is being touched in you, and through a mysterious surrender transports you eventually beyond yourself, beyond each other, and beyond the experience itself. Beyond Tantra!


“I really found my beauty and what that means, spiritually, sexually and physically.”
Lisa, England

“It was a wonderful experience of deeply lived trust, openings, surrenderings, flowerings, passions and ecstasy. I just knew at each point along the way I was OK and being true to myself.”
Tim, England