Workshop Details

Body, Heart & Soul One

March 30 – April 5, 2018, Waldhaus Centre, Switzerland, begins 10.30am Friday (Good Friday), ends Thursday lunchtime)

Healing & Initiation

“An essential experience” Alan

Watch Alan Lowen’s Body, Heart & Soul® video.



If you are thinking of joining the Tantric option of The Art of Being Training starting May 2018, this workshop is a prerequisite. 


The Initiation ceremonies that occupy the final days of Body, Heart & Soul One celebrate your sexual nature, the man or woman you are, and the mystery of your unique being. The entire 7 days are designed to honour you fully in your sexual nature and to bring your body, feelings, heart and soul together into one integrated whole.

The days leading to the sensual-erotic initiation ceremonies are stepping stones carefully set to liberate you from any limitations, blindspots or restrictive attitudes that may have been part of your upbringing. We are all of us carrying our conditioning. It shows up in our attitudes and beliefs, in how we approve or disapprove of others and in how we feel about ourselves. It shows up in the ways we learn to use sex as proof that we are loved, liked, successful, beautiful; in our need to impress and please others; in feelings of shame; in never flying too high for fear of losing control; in being dismissive or even cynical of anything tender or vulnerable in ourselves and others; in trivialising and being blasé about sex itself! These are just a few examples of how our conditioning can consciously and unconsciously limit the richness and fulfillment of our love life.

Inviting you to celebrate your sexuality and to honour the feelings that are naturally woven into sexual intimacy, Body, Heart & Soul One opens you far beyond just the pleasure of the experiences. The ways you engage with others invite warm and sensual contact, the meditations take you deep into your inner being, times of sharing together bring laughter, tears and unexpected insights; and there is the music that occasionally dances you off your feet!  Every moment is designed to enhance your connection with your sexual body AND to integrate your sexuality with your feelings, your heart and the magic of your own unique being. The processes and explorations of these days prepare you for the awakening and transforming power of your Initiation rituals.

From the very start of the workshop, you find yourself learning to trust and befriend your inner experiences as you keep opening to yourself and others. You find yourself making friends with feelings – from the most vulnerable to the most ecstatic – that you may have been brought up to suppress or reject. You learn to distinguish your real personal boundaries from the rules and regulations imposed on you when you were growing up. All this gives you the trust to play and explore with caring sensitivity towards yourself and everyone with whom you relate.

Coming into full connection with your body, sex, feelings, heart and soul, you awaken to the mysteries that Tantra is really all about. Sex has its rightful place in the woman or man you are, as your most intimate delight and a way to celebrate your whole being. You bring passion and happiness to your love life, and creative presence to every aspect of your daily life.

Body, Heart & Soul has touched me to my core. Something that was locked up inside me until now has opened. My everyday life is full of light and warmth.” Christina